GiddyUp Music Presents: Purple May in Oxford, England! Having fun with our first vlog featuring music written and performed by Purple May.

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Henry Cluney (ex- Stiff Little Fingers) interview | GiddyUp Music Oxford

Henry Cluney from XSLF talks to Dave from Purple May/GiddyUp Music. This is Henry Cluney’s third year making a GiddyUp Music Show appearance at The Wheatsheaf in Oxford, England. Henry performed along with local Oxford acts Mad Larry, The Corsairs, Osprey, Purple May. He talks about his upcoming album with XSLF, band high jinks on the road and more just before he goes on stage. Filmed on Sunday June 19th 2016. Henry Cluney is a founding member of the legendary Irish punk band Stiff Little Fingers. Henry Cluney website:

Henry Cluney website: