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The Trophy Cabinet – ‘Kissing Frogs’ Album [Review]

Trophy Cabinet

The Trophy Cabinet is an Oxford band with a love for all things eighties but finely blended with a 21st century vibe. I was lucky enough to have caught them live last year at the Oxford Rugby Club. They created a great atmosphere and gave a good night out! That said, it is with much anticipation that I play their album ‘Kissing Frogs’.

“Mettle” is a good opener with up front bass and intelligent lyrics. Am I allowed to say that I hear a bit of Tim Booth from the band James in the singing department? This is a good thing!

“Flat 3 Fantasy” has to be one of my favourites. Again the lyrics tell a story. I do like songs that take you on a journey and that’s what The Trophy Cabinet does. Some nice subtle female backing vocals enhance the lead singing. Have you guys been played on Radio 6? If not, it is a crime that sounds such as these aren’t out there entertaining more people. Very, very professional.

Well I heard a late great musician once say, “writing about music is like dancing to architecture” so in my opinion ‘Kissing Frogs’ is one of the best offerings that our wonderful music scene has given us for a while, best you get your hands on it and your ears around it then you will see what I mean!

There are 9 tracks all as good as each other, no dud moments and great lyric writing. Thanks Trophy Cabinet!

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